The excerpts below are from actual letters or success stories received from program participants across the Country. They are a true testimony to the many benefits received from participation.

Before the signs were made available to us, our guests had difficulty locating our golf course, thus creating frustration and many phone calls to our business for directions. Since the installment of signs, our guests have been able to locate our course with little or no problem.
Agaming Golf Club

The very first night the signs were up they generated six rooms. We are a small business with limited advertising dollars available. These signs have proven to be the very best investment we could have made to generate business from advertising.

Michael Goff, Owner
Tour Inn Motel

In just a few short weeks since the signs have been installed, we have had more drive through and phone inquiries from people that never knew we were here, than in the previous two years.

Pete and Pat Wierengo
Timbers Edge Campground

We are now able to give people directions and have a sign that tells them where to turn. It has saved us time and money by not having to be on the phone so long giving people directions to our facility.

Mike Ten Eyck, General Manager
Pines Country Club

I know our TOD sign has been an important part of our growth as it remains a constant reminder we exist & continues to bring new customers to our door.

Jan Malousek, Owner
Our Corner Cottage Gifts

TOD signs have proven very effective at directing interested persons to our museum and restaurant. The signs definitely aid travelers to navigate to major sites and promote spur-of-the-moment tourism decisions as well.

Wallace Hebert, Senior Vice-President of Marketing
Colonel Sanders Café and Museum